These days, we are surrounded by the Green Movement, global warming and what we, as consumers, can do about protecting our planet. We all have a responsibility to make informed choices about the products we buy, the companies we support, and the impact of our decisions.

Sikkens is a global brand, which makes the highest quality wood coatings available. Log homes and wood structures are a beautiful, natural, and renewable form of building that require superior coatings to protect and preserve. Some waterborne coatings are promoted as more environmentally friendly than their solvent based counterparts; however, there are other factors to consider. The environmental impact of a coating should be looked at as a whole, sometimes termed life cycle approach. A life cycle approach gives you the entire picture needed to make an accurate assessment of a coating. There can be raw materials used in waterborne coatings that are considered dangerous and non-renewable. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is not the only issue. If a latex coating is made with petroleum by products, which require intensive energy to produce, then just comparing VOC’s does not give the full story.

Here at Sikkens, we provide alkyd/oil high solids coatings for log homes and wood structures that meet stringent VOC requirements. In addition, alkyds are made from renewable plant based oils such as linseed and soy, and provide the highest level of protection for wood structures. We believe that a superior quality product that requires fewer coats and less maintenance will minimize the total environmental impact.

Sikkens Wood Finishes
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Sikkens Stains in Canada: enhancing the natural beauty of wood

When it’s time to put the perfect finishing touch on your deck, fence or other exterior projects look to Sikkens Stains for an extensive variety of outstanding stain products. We specialize in creating stains that stand up to Canada’s harshest weather conditions; however durability is only one of the qualities that sets us apart from other brands. Sikkens Stains are beautiful and versatile, available in a wide variety of finishes to suit any project. Select your province from our menu or use the postal code finder to locate the nearest dealer specializing in Sikkens Stains in Canada.

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There’s a Sikkens Stain for every exterior project

Sikkens Stains have been rigorously tested over time to ensure that they last through even the harshest Canadian weather, while still maintaining their luster and preserving the beauty of your wood. Stains are available in transparent, translucent, semi-transparent and solid wood finishes to help you achieve the perfect look for your project. There is a Sikkens Stain that’s just right for any project. Choose your type of project to find more information about the Sikkens Stain products:

Environmental impact is about more than VOCs

While some waterborne coatings are sometimes considered to be more environmentally friendly than solvent-borne products due to low VOCs, the truth is that VOC levels make up only a fraction of a product’s impact on the environment. When looking for more environmentally considerate stain products think about how long the stain will last and how much of it needs to be applied, as well as what it’s made of. In addition to meeting rigorous VOC (volatile organic compounds) requirements, Sikkens solvent-borne Stain products are long lasting and provide maximum coverage. Choose a specific project from the list or use our postal code finder to contact a local dealer of Sikkens Stain in Canada.